Driving Careers

As partners of Mawson & Mawson, you will receive professional cooperation and

communication from our corporate office located in Langhorne, Pa.  The central

dispatch coordinators & management team strive to provide the best in driver

support in a prompt & courteous manner.

Our agents operate in protected geographic areas in order to better service

the drivers and customers on a one-on-one basis.

For the driver's convenience, directions to customers, pick-up & delivery

appointments will be proviced by the agents.

Here in Langhorne, our terminal coordinators are assigned specific agents based on

area location to ensure that all drivers have a future load plan.

For shipments going into or coming from Canada,  we will provide the PARS & Ace

Portal Manifests to expedite border crossing.

As a courtesy our go home boards start on Thursday for anyone more that 500

miles from home.

We operate on a first in, first out basis.

Mapping programs are available for directions to customers, truck stops, and fuel stops.

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