Transportation Services Details

Our operation is centrally controlled from Langhorne, PA, through constant communication with our terminals and drivers. In addition to verbal communication with the terminals, dispatch data is electronically transmitted instantaneously throughout the day.

At Mawson, we offer EDI for customer interface through IBM/AS400, p.c.'s. or FAX.

To assure the best quality control for our customers' cargo and on time delivery, we operate under Fleet Manager concept. Our Fleet Manager is trained to coordinate all operational procedures, safety, and maintenance criteria. The Fleet manager is directly responsible for our drivers' overall performance, seeing to it through satellite tracking, drivers making their required check-in calls, monitoring the use of their fuel cards at a network of designated fuel stops, and supplying drivers with his/her routing instructions.

Our tariffs and contracts are maintained at our corporate headquarters in Langhorne, PA. The Traffic Department is also responsible for all billing that is processed on our mainframe. To reduce the use of paper we are able to electronically transmit freight bills and other required documents.

Mawson & Mawson is presently operating 450 tractors. Our company's equipment consists of conventional trucks with sleepers. 48' air ride flatbed trailers with sides and 53' air ride vans with tie downs. Presently, our tractors are on a four-year replacement cycle and our trailers are replaced every seven years.

Our equipment is on a strict P.M. schedule that occurs at every 9,OOO-mile interval. Current mileage's of the equipment are monitored daily.

Safety and Personnel
Driver screening, selection, performance, public safety, and cargo claim prevention is the chief focus of our Safety Department.

Mawson has a stringent set of requirements that our driver applicants must meet. Our Safety staff engages in the thorough screening of the applicants' past work performance and driving subjected to a DOT written and road test and a drug screen prior to a final approval. The final step in the process is orientation of our company policies, procedures, and philosophies and a through review of the Motor Carriers Safety Regulations.


We pride ourselves on an industry low claim ration of .00012, however, our goal is to be claim-free, accomplished by relentless attention to claims prevention.

In the event of a claim, our Safety personnel will immediately investigate the situation and bring the matter to a prompt close.