Our Safety Policy

The Safety of the employee, the public, and the operation is essential and every attempt will be made to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries. The company and its personnel shall comply with all Safety laws and regulations. Safety shall take precedence over expedience or short cuts.

Safety is not the responsibility of one person or one department. Every employee shall demonstrate an attitude, which reflects this policy. To have a strong Safety awareness throughout the company takes a commitment of all members of the entire team.

Driver Safety Awards Program

In appreciation of the extra time and care our drivers take with each and every load making sure they are delivered on time and without incident, Safety Awards are given out yearly.

Any driver who completes the year with no accidents, claims, or CSA points receives the award and our sincere appreciation.

Our driver's attention to Safety is an asset to our company, and their spotless records and dedication is an example for all drivers to follow.

CSA Progam Here At Mawson

Our drivers are required to attend an orientation program that focuses on new safety initiatives addressing CSA BASICS. Orientations will focus on introducing and managing expectations along the following parameters:
  • Review of Policy and Procedures
  • Hours of Service Training
  • Accident and Incident Response Procedures
  • Increased focus on Vehicle Maintenance and Pre & Post trip Inspection requirements
  • Cargo Securement Training
Accident Prevention:
  • Driver's will be provided with consistent education on expectations and adherence to organizational safety initiatives Continued improvements in selection and training will be identified on a continual on-going basis
Mandatory Safety Meetings:
  • Driver's will be required to attend periodic meetings
  • Additional meetings will be done on an individual basis as needed
Corrective Initiatives:
  • Comprehensive and ongoing review of data used by DOT and state enforcement agencies
  • Reviews will include motor vehicle stops, accident and incidents with all parties as appropriate
  • Drivers found to be consistently in violation will be identified, tracked, and provided with an opportunity for additional training. Driver's that consistently fail to adhere to the organizations safety initiatives action will face disciplinary actions including the appropriate warning and corrective needed and then eventual termination if there is a failure to improve
  • Action will be taken on a case by case basis to challenge violations identified as inaccurate and to also take corrective disciplinary action as needed
Comprehensive Safety Review of Each Roadside Inspection:
  • Identification of inspection accuracy
  • Response to appropriate agency regarding inaccuracies of inspection
  • Identification of preventability of OOS violations and safety effort focused on specific preventions for future violation which may include follow up with the terminal manager and driver to make sure prevention initiatives are adhered
Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection Programs:
  • Mandatory 60 day inspections
  • Additional inspections to occur every 30 days as warranted against roadside inspection reports
  • Receive additional training on maintenance of equipment, including the importance of pre and post trip inspections.
  • Basic vehicle maintenance will be monitored to ensure program is working (reduction in basic performance).
Hours of Service:
  • Our drivers are required to scan their logs from remote locations to our Langhorne office. As logs are received an initial screening verifies basic information such as; driver name, date, etc.
  • Hours of Service will be verified for 11 hours, 14 hours, and 70 hour rules. This information will be made available to dispatcher via computer prior to dispatching freight.
  • In addition, logs will be audited against fuel purchased through Comdata for compliance.
  • Drivers who continue to have Hours of Service issues will be required to receive additional training.