Freight & Logistics Services

The Mawson & Mawson freight services consist of employing seasoned professionals, utilizing well-maintained, late-model equipment to provide on-time delivery of our customers' products.

Key Services

Customer Service

Transportation professionals dedicated to Quality Customer Service.

Central Operations

Central Operations coordination of equipment and terminals

Load Accomodation

Truckload and less-then-truckload service

Customs Bonded

Customs bonded in the US and Canada

Automated Dispatch

Fully automated dispatch and billing, including EDI


Communication with customers via phone, fax, and the Internet.


Our operation is centrally controlled from Langhorne, PA, through constant communication with our terminals and drivers. In addition to verbal communication with the terminals, dispatch data is electronically transmitted instantaneously throughout the day.


Our tariffs and contracts are maintained at our corporate headquarters in Langhorne, PA. The Traffic Department is also responsible for all billing that is processed on our mainframe.


Mawson & Mawson is presently operating 450 tractors. Our company's equipment consists of conventional trucks with sleepers. 48' air ride flatbed trailers with sides and 53' air ride vans with tie downs.


Our equipment is on a strict P.M. schedule that occurs at every 9,OOO-mile interval. Current mileage's of the equipment are monitored daily.

Safety & Personnel

Driver screening, selection, performance, public safety, and cargo claim prevention is the chief focus of our Safety Department.


We pride ourselves on an industry low claim ration of .00012, however, our goal is to be claim-free, accomplished by relentless attention to claims prevention.